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Many restaurants rely on MistAMERICA, especially after trying other companies, to keep their current systems running well and to upgrade when needed.  Our vast experience in outdoor cooling, unparalleled in the industry, truly sets us apart in our ability to not only troubleshoot problems that come up, but to modify and upgrade older systems and make them work better than ever before.

Outdoor Lifestyle Centers
Larger systems at outdoor lifestyle centers typically include reverse osmosis water treatment systems.  So, in addition to servicing the misting pumps, stainless steel lines, and nozzles, MistAMERICA also services the water treatment systems.  Since these systems are not running for half the year, there are special shutdown and storage procedures needed for the RO membranes.

The key to a great misting system is ensuring that simple servicing is done each year.  Whether cleaning clogged nozzles, flushing out lines, changing pump oil and filters, or making minor repairs, MistAMERICA offers seasonal service and startups and shutdowns to ensure that your system works at peak performance throughout the years.  Our service contracts offer customers substantial discounts and priority on service calls.

Industrial misting systems are often used in a way that pushes products to their limits.  Although all our industrial systems are designed with this in mind, there is still a need for additional maintenance attention on these systems—some of which operate up to 24 hours a day.  Keeping up on pump module and water filtration maintenance helps keep systems running efficiently throughout their life cycle.

Service Contracts
MistAMERICA offers service contracts for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.  From standard seasonal maintenance to customized contracts specified to your particular needs, MistAMERICA’s service department is dedicated to maintaining and upgrading your system.  Specials are offered to service contract customers—such as substantial discounts on nozzles and new upgrades that become available.




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