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Residential Solutions

Dinner at home on your patio in July!  Entertaining all summer long is a breeze with a MistAMERICA mist system.  For two decades, we have pioneered misting systems to create comfortable outdoor spaces on home patios, gazebos, for horses and on dog runs.

Create a warm, comfortable outdoor space on your patios so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors year ‘round.  Our electric heaters are attractive, can be integrated into your home, and are more efficient than propane or gas alternatives.

Get out of the sun—and cool off!   MistAMERICA’s commercial-grade umbrellas and shade structures keep the sun off and allow for integral misting—keeping you cool all summer long!

Fog Effects
Billowing clouds of luxurious fog rolling over your landscape…this is the dreamy effect you can achieve with MistAMERICA’s fog effects and PoolFog™ system.  Whether to enhance a pool, water feature, or landscape, fog is an attractive, mesmerizing effect that captivates the childlike wonder in all.  Light the fog and achieve another level of visual intensity.

PureOFlow® Whole-House RO Systems
No more hard water—and no need for a damaging salt-based water softener.  MistAMERICA is a dealer for the PureOFlow® reverse osmosis (RO) Whole-House RO technology.  This groundbreaking advance in RO technology enables RO integration in new and existing homes with a completely Green water treatment system.



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