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Industrial Solutions

Dust Suppression
Suppress dust and keep the regulators at bay using MistAMERICA’s ACS™ Technology, simply using filtered, pressurized water through our customized nozzles to adhere to PM10 dust particles.  Combine this system with odor control to deal with any malodors that could cause issues with neighbors.  MistAMERICA offers complete design/build solutions for waste transfer stations—anywhere in the world!

Odor Control
Eliminate malodors at the source with MistAMERICA’s atomizing systems with chemical injection.  The key to successful odor control is to atomize the droplets as well as possible, ensuring that you utilize your chemical in the most efficient way possible.  The other important factor is that you have minimal to no downtime on the system.  MistAMERICA’s type 316L stainless steel misting systems are the state-of-the-art in quality, will far outlast hose-based systems, and, combined with our ruby-orifice nozzles, will ensure that you get the most out of your chemical delivery.

Warehouse Cooling
A cool work environment increases productivity and morale.  Whether inside a warehouse or on a loading dock, MistAMERICA’s new finest mist nozzles and innovative fan-cooling products create the most effective and efficient evaporative cooling systems on the market.

Warehouse Heating
Comfortable work environments increase productivity and morale.  Use infrared radiant heat where you need it—heating people and processes directly, not wasting energy by heating your whole space.

Whether you need to keep the moisture content in cotton at a certain level, humidify a textile plant or winery, or maintain quality product in produce storage, MistAMERICA has an affordable solution.  Using high-pressure misting with ruby-orifice nozzles, accompanied by humidification controls (and VFD motor controls where needed), MistAMERICA can customize a solution for your particular application.



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